Caveat: Risk in Thyroid Treatment

You will find patients in this table with TSH values less than 0.5 -- i.e. "hyperthyroid".  Some are in transition to lower doses of thyroid..  Others have been turned over to their primary care providers for follow-up, for a variety of reasons usually having to do with money.  A few are deliberately being left "hyperthyroid" by lab tests because they have no symptoms of hyperthyroidism; and are dramatically improved in terms of mood control; and we have few alternatives to offer (usually for having been through many mood stabilizers already with problems or insufficient benefit). 

All these patients have been referred to this website for the discussion of risk in thyroid treatment (cardiac and bone) and have given their informed consent to be maintained  "hyperthyroid".  Note the data from the Whybrow group re: who were maintained "hyperthyroid" for several years with no bone density decreases; however, all my patients are aware this one study does not rule out risk and that if at all possible we will move them to TSH values greater than 0.5. 

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