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Can you trust this information?
(Revised 8/2006)

This is a very important question when you first find a website like this.  It's great that you asked!   See if these questions and answers help you: 


Are you trying to sell me anything?  No
Are you making money by my reading this? No
Who's funding you then? Read "Funding"
Who are you anyway? Read Who is Dr. Phelps?
Why are you doing this? This information was originally for my patients.  I put it on the 'net to make it easy to access.  You're welcome to see if it might be helpful for you.  
When you say something is so, how do I know you're right?  By what authority do you speak? As I've said on the site, don't trust me; trust the references I've linked, and check them out if you are skeptical.  Skeptical is good!

Teaching patients and families about bipolar disorder has been criticized as "disease mongering". In other words, the entire story about "Depression Plus" on this site (about bipolar variations that don't have "mania" or look like the "bipolar" you may know) could be a big advertisement funded, indirectly, by the drug companies whose medications are used to treat the symptoms of Depression Plus. 

You're welcome to keep that in mind. If you'd like to see my reply to an article about disease mongering, here is my Confessions of a Disease Monger.