Extensive Mental Health Information on Specific Topics 
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The illnesses I treat don't interfere with people's ability to understand their own problem.  Many of my patients want to know all that I can teach them -- and more.  

My local primary care colleagues are a fantastic group of doctors.  Many of them have become very interested in the mood and anxiety disorders I treat, and call up asking for help or information.  

Finally I thought: "hey, if I just wrote a lot of this stuff down and posted it on a website, my patients and my primary care colleagues could just go look anytime they wanted; and I can put up new information as soon as it becomes available!"  

So my hospital website folks helped me get a site launched (Thanks, Julie and Heather), and now it has grown to include all sorts of different essays, diagrams, and links I wanted my patients or my colleagues to have.  

My long-term goal is to provide quality education on topics where information on the Internet is scattered or non-existent, as it was in the case of "bipolar II".  Welcome.  I hope you find something useful.