Screening for Bipolarity in Primary Care

(Revised 1/2009)

An early instrument for this task, the Mood Disorders Questionnaire (MDQ), was recently copyrighted by its lead author.  In response, a more comprehensive screening tool has been developed which will remain in the public sector. 


Download the Primary Care MoodCheck.



If you really liked the MDQ, you can still get one here.  A recent study suggests that the low specificity of the MDQ, suggested in some reports, can be countered by using it along with the Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale, which has higher specificity (.67 and .79 respectively for the MDQ and BSDS in this study).Shabani  The BSDS is integrated in the MoodCheck tool offered above.

Neither is perfect. The point of the MoodCheck is to improve your basic sense of "how bipolar is this patient?".  Your hunch strongly determines the accuracy (predictive values) of any test, including the MDQ.Phelps