Motivational Interviewing "Ruler" 
(started 10/2012) 

Summary: This is not a substitute for understanding MI, and for the slower process of understanding your patient and her/his stage of change, and thoughts about change. Better to elicit more talk about change than to short-cut with this approach.  But sometimes it is a handy addition to that process. 

Readiness to Change Scale/Ruler

On a piece of paper, draw a line/ruler and scale it, 0-10.

Explain: zero is not at all ready to change, 10 is completely ready to change. Where are you on that scale? (can be done verbally without the ruler, obviously, but sometimes making things really concrete helps).

Responses (from )

If the person's mark is on the left of center:

If the person's mark is near the center:

If the person's mark is on the right of center: