Dr. Geller's Research:
Distinguishing ADHD and Bipolar

Here is the matched graph, and some details on each feature:


General consideration on "mania" in kids:

Elation (the kind of criteria Dr. Geller and colleagues used):

Grandiosity (ditto):


Here is a summary table, from a review article by Dr. Scheffer and Apps, of the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Program, Medical College of Wisconsin. 

Symptom Bipolar Disorder ADHD
Euphoria/giddiness Excessive Appropriate to situations
Irritability Severe and intense, accompanied by tantrums Occasional, may be caused by medication "wear-off"
Self-esteem Grandiose Demoralized
Sleep patterns Decreased need for sleep Difficulty settling at night
Speech patterns Pressured, fragmented, with flight of ideas Energetic and quick
Thought processes Racing thoughts; psychosis can occur Patients do not report racing thoughts
Attention Distractible Distractible
Activity level High energy, on-the-go, multiple projects, creative
High risk behaviors, impulsive
Hyperactive, multiple projects; impulsive
Disruptive behaviors Can become aggressive Intrusive and active