No Excel; Use "Open Office"

If you don't have Excel on your computer, you can use a program called OpenOffice (download for free from that link.) 

A reader, Mr. B' , has written an Open Office Version. I haven't checked it out yet, but he's worked really hard on it and it's probably much better than the Excel version of mine. While I'm getting organized to review it, you can download it if you wish.

Thank you very much Mr. B' !

DOWNLOAD OPEN OFFICE VERSIONUNDER CONSTRUCTION 11.10.09, it may not work properly yet)

His guidelines:

1. There is one screen for data (named
chart) and a second screen for the graphics (named graphics). To switch
between the two, use the tabs in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

2. For those cells having red dot i the upper right-hand corner, there is
an explicative note readable by clicking on the dot.

3. The cells having a "drop-down" list of variables to choose from, there
is an arrow to the right of the cell to click on.

4. I have opted for 6 user variable columns which could either be used for
values 0 to 9 or values 0 and 1 (for example) for no and yes. There are
also 6 columns for medicine. If one needs fewer columns, you can either
hide them (highlight, format, column, mask) or just ignore the ones you
don't use.

He also notes: "I hope there are not too many mistakes due to my forgetting my English
and using a PC where everything is in French."  Amazing!