Electronic Mood Charts -- 
free, no strings
(original 10/2004; updated 2/2009; "retired" 2012)

Don't bother with this page anymore! It's finally been made obsolete, I'm happy to report. This was a crude effort to make a charting device, when none was available for free.  But now there are quite a few, all free. Some are listed on my iCharting page. 

THE ABSOLUTE ULTIMATE BEST: This is not available quite yet (as of August, 2013), but there is an Android program which not only allows you to enter your own data but also uses your phone to summarize the frequency of your phone calls, texts, and exercise ( and even just how much you move around on average). The research team developing it has published a description of this program and how they are testing itKessing; the short version of their report is that they definitely have this working and it is probably the ultimate mood/energy tracking system.

If for some reason you needed to find the old page, here it is.